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Stormproof For Business a mom outside with her kid

A Stormproofed Business Can Look Like This

Stormproofing your business is not always about preparing for the worst-case scenario. It’s also about preparing your business for success so that, when it happens, instead of feeling overwhelmed, you get to have moments like this — playing outside with your kid, visiting your grandkids, or just chilling with a book and your favorite beverage.

The Birth of Stormproofing

I have been an entrepreneur for many years. This current business began in January 2021, with the help of my friend and coach extraordinaire, Diane Cunningham Ellis. (She gave me a much-needed kick in the rear!) And then she coached, supported and cheered me on through every growing pain. (There were a lot!)

To be very honest, I didn’t think too much about doing all the things that should be done to protect my business, my clients and myself. I thought of it as a fun lark that would last a few months and that I’d have some extra money. I never dreamed I’d be into the fourth year.

Then, in September 2022, Hurricane Irma happened. I was living in Florida and, while we didn’t take the direct hit, we did get hit hard. Had to evacuate and were without electricity and internet for longer than I had expected. Talk about wishing that I had stormproofed. It’s hard to run a virtual business by the seat of your pants without electricity and internet! A 1400-mile move in November 2022 and then a month-long bout of Covid in March of 2023 cemented the need to make things “right.”

It’s Not Just About Prepping For Disaster

Many of us are afraid of success. Sure, we want it, but sometimes we hold ourselves from really going for it. This is a real thing particularly among Christian women. Not sure how we got there, but for a lot of us success (financial or otherwise) is not in keeping with being humble.

When success hits, we’re not sure what to do. In fact, sometimes we are so ill-prepared for it that we don’t know how to manage it. The demands on our time seem to increase. The business itself (the back-end stuff that isn’t fun!) consumers more of our time and energy. We have less time for the things that matter to us — family, friends, faith, self-care.

You can stormproof your business for success so that you’re prepared when it comes. Sign up for my upcoming workshop, on March 21, below!

The Results of Stormproofing Your Business

Having a stormproofed business affords you the opportunity to enjoy the rewards of your success.

When your business is running like a well-oiled machine (I know, we’re all heart-centered, but I couldn’t think of a better phrase!), you can still go on trips, spend time with your kids, not miss seeing your son’s first homerun because you were watching your phone for DMs.

Your clients know that they’re well cared for.

When your best friend surprises you with a visit, you can go have lunch and do some shopping without having to have to burn the midnight oil to catch up.

On the not-so-fun side of things, if disaster happens, Joey gets hurt at school, a thunderstorm knocks out your electricity, or your computer crashes, there are certainly practical and important matters to attend to, but the biggest parts of your business are prepared. You’ve made a plan for just such occasions.

If you’d like to learn more about stormproofing your business for both success and disaster, I’d love to talk with you. This is a subject about which I’m extremely passionate!

Stormproof Your Business™ Workshop

I will be hosting a Stormproof Your Business™ Workshop on March 21, from 2pm-3:30pm CT. We’ll talk about stormproofing for success as well as stormproofing against adversity.

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