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Woman at computer happy that her business is stormproofed

Stormproof Your Business Signature Management Service

You are called to coach and counsel. It is your calling and your joy. If you could just do that, you’d be thrilled. But business requires more.

Marketing, operations, tech knowledge, hiring and managing a team even if that is just a contractor or two. There’s so much with so many moving parts. It consumes your client time, your family time, your faith time.

You Don’t Have To Do It All Alone

I have worked with many clients just like you. I want to help the helpers. That’s my calling.

No more lying awake at night wondering how you can possibly do.all.the.things.
No more having your husband mad because you’re having to work at night instead of hanging out with him.
No more missing important moments because you were watching your phone for DMs.
No more having to carry your laptop on vacation so that you can work. (If you want to carry it for fun, you do you!)
No more wanting to throw that laptop through the window because you’re so frustrated by the tech parts of your business.
No more feeling like you’re all alone in this.

All of these things can change.

I’ve developed my Stormproof Your Business Signature Management service specifically to help people like you.

Would these services help you to serve your clients and embrace your own life more fully?

Stormproof Your Business Signature Management Service
(limited to 5 additional clients)

Initial assessment of current business status including marketing assets and strategy
This is digging deep into how your business is running (or not!). We’ll determine where your business is as compared to where you’d like it to be. Sometimes the results are a real eye-opener!

Project management strategy and oversight (including launches)
I will help you craft a strategy that works for you and the way you work. This piece includes strategy for email and social media marketing. Then I will stay on top of that strategy, making sure that the trains run on time (and on the right tracks!)

Metrics management and reporting (exclusive of finances)
The numbers (from social media, email, conversions, etc.) tell the story of your business. You’ll be able to make fact-based, data-driven decisions instead of throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks.

Client Office Hours twice a week on Voxer to ask questions or get help.

Many of the people with whom I’ve worked have found that they do well with an accountability piece, such as a weekly (time period specific to you, but not more than weekly) check-in around what needed to be done.

Response Time
Guaranteed response time 1-2 business days with reasonable delays for emergencies
I allot “deep work” time to each of my clients. Frequent context switching impairs the quality of my work for each of you. This response time is a benefit to each of you.

Add-on services (such as implementation) are available at an additional price should you require them.

Picture of someone writing "invest in yourself"
The Stormproof Business Management service is a great investment in yourself, you clients, and your overall life.

What Is The Investment? And The ROI?

Fantastic questions and I am not going to require you to get on a call with me to find out!

The monthly investment is $799, with a 3-month minimum.

I offer this service in 3-, 6-, and 12-month intervals.

The first three months are largely about assessing where you are vs where you want to be and finding the right strategies for you across your business. If you’d like to see all of the pricing options, please visit here.

If you opt for the longer intervals, the next three to nine months are all about reaping the rewards! I can guarantee that your ROI will include less stress and much more time freedom to spend in any way you’d like. You can’t create more time. No more panic attacks in the middle of the night about the balls you might have let drop that day. Because you’ll have a clear path with a clear mind and more time for doing your coaching and counseling (because you’re not worrying about the details!), you should see a greater reach and impact pretty quickly.

We are likely to be a good fit if:
✨You are Christian coach or counselor who has had some success in the online space
✨You enjoy actively engaging with your audience
✨You’d be happy to serve as you do for the love and joy of doing it, but understand that business is business and not ministry
✨You are able and willing to make decisions within a specified timeframe so that you don’t get bogged down in overthinking
✨You are willing to invest in yourself, your business, and your clients in terms of time, effort, and money

I would love to hear from you if you think this service could benefit you! I currently have 5 spots available in March 2024.
Please book a call below: