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happy woman smiling in meadow with a stormproofed business

You are called to coach and counsel. It is your calling and your joy. If you could just do that, you’d be thrilled. But business requires more.

Marketing, operations, tech knowledge, hiring and managing a team even if that is just a contractor or two. There’s so much with so many moving parts. It consumes your client time, your family time, your faith time.

Wouldn’t it be great if work time didn’t bleed into family time and vice versa?

Hi, friend. I see you.

Does any of this sound familiar?
You know
that God has called you to help and empower other women. Because you serve from your heart, it’s as much ministry as it is business. You can’t not do it.

But lately… Your faith feels disconnected from the daily grind of growing a business.

You know that you’re called to entrepreneurship rather than a J-O-B so that you can have time to live your life – to take care of your family, spend time with friends, and serve in your church and community.

But lately… Family time is crammed into scraps and leftovers. By the time you try to take care of the ever-growing needs of your business, there’s little time or energy left for any of those things.

You know that self-care is paramount. You teach your clients that, just like flight attendants teach passengers to put on their own oxygen masks so that they can help others, they also have to take care of themselves.

But lately… Taking care of yourself with adequate rest, fun, exercise, and worship is a distant dream.

You know you can’t sustain this level of hustle and burnout forever.

Something has to change.

I’m Shelby and I know you. I have been you.

When I first realized that things had to change in my business in order for both it and me to thrive, I had no idea how to make that happen. It was, honestly, terrifying. I thought that it might be the end of everything. I sat in fear for a lot longer than I’m happy to admit.

But I found some answers and created a system that works for me.

I learned that there are no cookie-cutter solutions but…

There is a methodology to follow to get to the best solution for you.

That same methodology can work for you, too, if:

– You’re a female Christian coach
– You want to reclaim your time freedom, reduce your stress and increase your impact (in your business and in the world)
– You’re overwhelmed by all of the never-ending tasks, tech issues, and decisions on the backend of your business when you really just want to coach
– You’re willing to leave behind what the “gurus” teach and find the methods and systems that work for you

You know you’re meant for something more. But lack the time, clarity, and systems to make it a reality. 

– What if there was a proven way to automate, systemize, and scale your business so it flows smoothly and profitably without requiring all your energy?

– A way to attract clients more consistently, create offers that transform lives, and do the work you were born to do?

– A way to honor your priorities of faith, family, and service while also making the income and impact you desire?

I’m here to tell you there IS a way to create this, and I can show you how.

Conflicts Between Life and Business?
Been There, Done That. Didn’t Want the T-shirt.

I’ve been where you are in my personal life and in my business life. Too frequently, the level of hustle and burnout was happening in both areas at once. 

I’m sure you can identify.

In my situation, I was:
My husband’s sole caregiver for 15 years until his death
I had 5 kids, including 2 under 4 years old
I was the owner and manager of a national medical transcription service
We dealt with frequent visits from EMS (we knew each other’s names!) along with my husband’s many hospitalizations

There were a lot of important balls to juggle and keep in the air.
I couldn’t drop any of them.

That’s when I created my first Stormproof Plan. I needed to be ready for ANY possible emergency that arose in my life or business. These are the years through which I learned about time and task management, strategic planning, and developing the resilience to quickly switch from Plan A to Plan B. It wasn’t perfect or pretty, but it saw us as a family, and me as a business owner, through a lot.

I am in my fourth year of my current business. I brought the principles of stormproofing for disaster with me and have taught workshops on them.

Now I’m teaching women to stormproof their businesses for success.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

– Most entrepreneurs do not prepare for emergencies.
– Nor do they prepare for success! That was me too.
– If you don’t Stormproof Your Business™ for success, you won’t be able to scale and you’ll most likely end up chained to your business and resenting your clients.

As a former burned-out entrepreneur myself, I’ve been where you are. And I discovered a better way. A way to build and grow a coaching business that operates smoothly so you can work less and make a greater impact.

I’ve helped Christian female coaches just like you end the spiral of overwhelm through the Stormproof Your Business™ system.

Stormproof Your Business™ is a good fit for you if:

– You’re a female Christian coach who loves what you do (and the people for whom you do it) but your overwhelm with the non-coaching parts of your business is feeling heavier by the day
– You’d give your right arm for a business bestie to walk alongside you
– You’re willing to be vulnerable, allow someone to poke around in your business, and listen to (and follow) some loving feedback
– You’re willing to stick with a plan long enough to see if it will work
– You’re willing and able to invest in your business growth (and reap the rewards in every area of your life)

This is just some of what you will gain from my proven approach.

This Concierge Done-For-You service includes:

– Initial strategic assessment to identify strengths, bottlenecks and growth opportunities
– Ongoing project management and launch strategy/oversight
– Key metrics tracking and data-driven reporting 
– Daily access through Voxer for on-demand support
– Guaranteed 1-2 business day response time so you never feel alone
– Private 60-minute strategy and implementation calls monthly
– Done-for-you implementation support – up to 5 hours per month with my team

Through this white-glove service, you’ll experience:

– Clarity and confidence operating in your zone of genius 
– Smoothly systemized and automated operations
– High-level business strategy based on data-driven insights
– Time and space for faith, family, and self-care
– Next-level impact and income without constant hustle 
– Joy, ease, and flow in work and life

The Stormproof Your Business™ Concierge Service pays for itself by giving you back your most valuable assets – your time, energy, and freedom. You get to focus on your true calling – transforming lives through your God-given talents.

It is an investment in  preparing your business for success and emergencies, gaining your life back, and being more fully present in every area of your life.

The investment is:
– 6 Months: $5,495 or $1,099/mo
– 12 Months: $10,990 or $1,099/mo

While we can get a lot done in a month (and we really can!), the best benefits to my current clients have come over the long term. As I learn their hearts, missions, and values more deeply, we craft bespoke solutions to their needs. Trust is crucial in my client relationships. The majority of my clients have been with me for 3+ years. A long-term commitment to work together brings better communication and more trust to the relationship and we accomplish exponentially more.

Ready to focus on pursuing the purpose and calling that God has for you –
with a lot more freedom and a lot less stress?

Would you rather meet first? That’s fine! Book a call here: