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Stormproof Strategy and Coaching

I’m sure you’ve got the “dream big” part of this online coaching and counseling down. You’ve been working in your field as a coach or counselor — or something else altogether — and now you’re ready to move into the online space. But the “make it happen” piece seems hard and kind of scary.

It can be. This is why COACHES NEED COACHES. (I’ve got one or two myself!)

You’re Great At Helping!

You know that you make a difference in the lives of your clients. They tell you so.

“You helped me understand my situation so much better.”
“It was so much easier to make the decision.”
I feel hope again.”
“I’m not so overwhelmed.”
“I understand what I need to do next.”

What If I Could Help You Gain Clarity?

Whether you’re stuck on the best strategy to move forward, uncertain about the best way to launch for your program, or just feeling overwhelmed, there are answers. I begin by taking the time to get a deep understanding of your heart — your values, your practical considerations, your hopes and dreams for your business and your life. This is the most important portion of what I do.

With that as our foundation, we dig into the bottlenecks. What are they? Why do they exist? What have you tried? You know this; you probably do it with your own clients. It’s just really hard to clearly see our own stuff, isn’t it? That’s why coaches and counselors tend to have coaches and/or counselors. Objectivity.

What would your life look like if you had a solid plan for your next launch? A plan that doesn’t require middle-of-the-night, frantic worry about all the things that aren’t ready yet?

What if someone could strategically find ways to automate as much as is possible about your business so that you can concentrate more on connecting with and serving well the people God has called you to serve?

What if someone developed a true social media and email marketing strategy for you so that you’re no longer throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks? Or feeling like you’re in a time suck resembling quicksand?

I have helped other clients in this way. I can help you, too. We’ll do it together!

Picture of someone writing "invest in yourself"
The Stormproof Business Management service is a great investment in yourself, you clients, and your overall life.

So How Does This Work?
We’ll have a 90-minute 1:1 strategy/coaching call twice a month in order to troubleshoot issues before they become problems and to continue to chart and monitor your path forward. Voxer support and accountability between sessions. An invitation to The Helpers’ Haven, an off-Facebook private group.

Topics might include:
Launch Strategy, Marketing, Tech or Team Questions/Issues, Accountability or anything else with which you’re having issues.

It’s time to hop off the struggle bus!

Working with Shelby has helped bring about clarity in my business on more than one occasion. 

Her compassionate, thoughtful (and thought-provoking!) ways have helped me see things through a different lens and then have the confidence to move forward. 

She is full of practical knowledge, and her heart for helping others find their ‘win’ is evident. 

Shelby is truly a gem, and the coach you want in your corner.

Niki Banning,  NikiB Virtual Services

What is the investment?

Again, great question and I’m not going to make you wait for a call to get the answer!

This coaching is available for $799/mo with a six-month minimum.

Please book a call below: