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Stormproof Business Services
Three women in an office setting smiling
happy woman smiling in meadow with a stormproofed business

If you are ready to elevate your business, your impact, your life with a high-level, white-glove, done-for-you business management service, this is for you. Are you ready for:

– Clarity and confidence operating in your zone of genius 
– Smoothly systemized and automated operations
– High-level business strategy based on data-driven insights
– Time and space for faith, family, and self-care
– Next-level impact and income without constant hustle 
– Joy, ease, and flow in work and life

The Stormproof Your Business™ Concierge Service pays for itself by giving you back your most valuable assets – your time, energy, and freedom. You get to focus on your true calling – transforming lives through your God-given talents.

Woman at computer happy that her business is stormproofed

You are called to coach and counsel. It is your calling and your joy. If you could just do that, you’d be thrilled. But business requires more.

Marketing, operations, tech knowledge, hiring and managing a team even if that is just a contractor or two. There’s so much with so many moving parts. It consumes your client time, your family time, your faith time.

You don’t have to do it all alone.

This is just like triage in a medical setting except it’s for your business. These services are ideal for those coaches and counselors who have most of their business under control, but they’re feeling stuck or confused in one particular area. These services are offered on a limited basis — I open 4 triage spots per month.

Triage services include any one of:

Content Audit and Repurposing
90-minute Strategy Call
Marketing Audit