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My Passion For Stormproofing

The Origin of Stormproofing

As entrepreneurs, we often find inspiration in the most unexpected places. In my case, I discovered my passion for stormproofing during the 15 years that I was my husband, Rich’s, caregiver. With five kids, my own business, and the responsibility of managing everything for everybody, I had to be prepared for anything that could upend our lives.

I vividly remember the days when our household was a bustling hub of activity. The kids running around, each with their own unique needs and demands, while I juggled my own responsibilities. It was in those moments of chaos that I realized the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.

When I Just Called It Survival

Rich had serious health issues that made our lives unpredictable. We never knew when there would be a medical emergency that would require my immediate attention. There were so many that the local EMTs knew our names and we knew theirs. In those crucial moments, I had to be ready to handle any situation that arose.

It was during these times that the concept of stormproofing took root in my life. I didn’t have a name for it then; I just called it survival. I learned to anticipate potential disruptions and put measures in place to lessen their impact. From having emergency contact numbers at hand to organizing our household in a way that allowed for margin, I became a master at handling unexpected storms.

Stormproof For Success As Well As Adversity

But what I’ve come to realize is that stormproofing isn’t just about preparing for the bad disruptions; it’s also about being ready for the good disruptions. Yes, you read that right! Stormproofing can be effective in a variety of situations, even the ones that bring joy and excitement.

Imagine a friend unexpectedly dropping by for a visit. With a stormproofed home, you can welcome them with open arms, knowing that everything is in order and ready to make their visit warm and cozy. Or how about an unexpected opportunity for a vacation? With your stormproofing skills, you can pack your bags and go on a relaxing getaway without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. (Without feeling like you have to carry your laptop for work purposes!)

How Do We Apply These Principles?

So, how can we apply the principles of stormproofing to our businesses as well as our lives? It all starts with preparedness. By taking the time to identify potential disruptions and putting measures in place to handle them, we can ensure smooth sailing, no matter what life throws our way.

For entrepreneurs like Christian coaches and counselors, this concept holds even greater value. Our work often involves guiding and supporting others through challenging situations. Through leading by example, modeling preparedness and offering tools to help others stormproof their lives, we can empower them to navigate the storms with confidence and resilience.

Stormproofing Allows You To Embrace Life

My journey as Rich’s caregiver taught me the invaluable lesson of stormproofing. It’s about more than just being prepared for emergencies; it’s about embracing all disruptions, both good and bad, and having the resources in place to handle them with grace. As entrepreneurs, let’s take a cue from this philosophy and create businesses and lives that are resilient, adaptable, and ready to weather any storm that comes our way.

Remember, preparedness is the key to success. Stormproof your life and your business, and watch as you surf the waves of opportunity and challenges with confidence and ease.

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