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🚀 Launch Checklist For Coaches And Counselors 🚀

In three years in this particular business, I’ve seen two primary types of launchers — the had-a-great-idea-let’s-do-it launchers and the slower, more methodical launchers. Neither is wrong. They’re just different and the launches work differently. I’m the slower, methodical type. I’m happy to work with both, but I do work better with a strategically targeted and longer launch and a good checklist. In my idea of a perfect world, everything will be done and tested several days to a week before the actual launch.

I’ve included a link to sign up and grab my checklist. It includes a launch plan, sample emails for marketing and sample social media posts. This checklist is the composite of dozens of launches of all sizes for all sorts of personalities.

You don’t have to follow it to a T. But, if you’re stuck about what to do and when, this launch checklist will give you a good jumping-off point.

What’s YOUR strategy?

Hint: It probably shouldn’t look like the picture!