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I Think I Need A Business Coach

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When to get a business coach

    Have the words “I think I need some help with my business” run through your head at some point recently? 

    I can’t think of a single entrepreneur that I know who doesn’t have that thought on the weekly, if not the daily.

    Thoughts That Indicate You Might Need Help

    Those words frequently roll through after some other thoughts (all real feelings as expressed by my clients) such as:

    • I don’t know what to do next.
    • What’s the next right step?
    • I hate social media plus I have to be so careful about what I say.
    • You know that you’re a good coach/counselor, but Imposter Syndrome is making your decisions. (psst… You know the truth. Not making a decision is a decision!)
    • This is too hard to do alone. I wish I had a best friend who understands my doubts and fears and ambitions to just walk me through the chaos and confusion.
    • The questions you’re asking yourself are the kinds of questions your clients ask you except yours are about business and theirs are about life.

    A Business Coach Is A Therapist For My Business? Really?

    Maybe you could think of a business coach/strategist as kind of a therapist for your business.

    Your clients come to you when they’re muddled and confused and can’t seem to find a clear path to “better” or their definition of “success.” Or maybe they just need someone to walk the path with them.

    Is your situation with your business really all that different?

    With one exception, all of my clients are Christian coaches and counselors whose heart’s desire is to build practices and help people in the online space. And still have a life and some money in the bank. And they get lost in chaos, confusion, fear, overwhelm and can’t see a clear path to “better,” or they just would like someone to walk it with them.

    There are people who can help you and who do more or less the same sorts of things but they wear different hats: Online Business Manager (OBM), Coach, Strategist…

    Don’t worry so much about the title — although “business coach” is a good starting place. Find someone who can and will help you in the areas in which you’re struggling.

    • Content Review
    • Strategy
    • Course Building
    • Social Media and Email Marketing
    • Marketing and Funnels
    • Networking
    • Operations
    • Goals (setting them, measuring them, strategizing how to attain them)
    • Accountability
    • Any other area where you need help!

    I would love to have an opportunity to talk with you about where you are in your online business-building journey. No obligation, no smarmy sales tactics disguised as getting to know you. I really love getting to know other business women! We might even end up being friends!

    Interested in chatting?

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