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Run Your Business...
Don't Let It Run You.
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I’m so happy to meet you!

I am a stalwart, enthusiastic advocate for coaches and counselors.
You guys put ripples into the world that make people’s lives better for generations down the road.
I call it “the math of miracles™.”

That’s fantastic!

But… (why does there have to always be a but?)

I see you, and I understand your struggle. You’re tired of sacrificing sleep, family time, and your own well-being to keep your business afloat. You know there has to be a better way – a way to build a thriving practice that supports your lifestyle and allows you to make an even greater impact. That’s where I come in. As your Stormproof Your Business™ Coach, I’m here to help you navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship and create a business that truly works for you. With my guidance and support, you’ll learn how to streamline your operations, attract your ideal clients, and scale your impact without sacrificing your sanity or your soul.

Shelby B. Ketchen, The Stormproof Your Business™ Coach

Wow!! It is hard to describe how much Shelby has helped me since I hired her. 
Everything from getting my content into MemberVault, behind the scenes on webinars and zooms, editing training modules and community building in my online havens. I love working with Shelby and have referred many of my clients to her already.  She is fast, fun and focused!! Diane Cunningham Ellis

✨ On her website, Shelby B. Ketchen states “being your business BFF is my calling”…and she excels at being an excellent business resource and an insightful and inspiring friend. While I love creating healing resources for God’s hurting children, I do not always create in an orderly and professional manner.   Creativity and chaos often seemed to compete much to my dismay, and I was often exhausted from trying to tame the chaos that I had created.   Then, I met Shelby, and my life was transformed into this delightful synthesis of originality and order.  I often think of Shelby as the architect of this beautiful business reality.  The structure her talents and her heart have added to my dreams have freed me to, once again, focus on being the person God created me to be.  She changed my business and my life.  I believe she can change yours.  SGB

If you’re ready to break free from the overwhelm and build a coaching or counseling business that truly serves you and your clients, I invite you to book a free discovery call with me. During our conversation, we’ll explore your unique challenges and goals, and determine if the Stormproof Your Business™ framework is the right fit for you.

Together, we can create a business that not only weathers the storms but also allows you to make the impact you were born to make. Let’s build a practice that supports your purpose and your lifestyle – one that enables you to show up fully for your clients and yourself.

Are you ready to Stormproof Your Business™ for success?
Use the calendar below to book your free discovery call today.

P.S. As a self-proclaimed test geek, I can’t resist sharing some of my own assessment results!
Enneagram: 2w1
StrengthsFinder: Harmony, Empathy, Connectedness, Intellection, & Developer
High5: Empathizer, Thinker, Philomath, Believer, Coach
EOS/RocketFuel: Visionary 50 / Integrator 84 (which, interestingly, is somewhat different from two years ago!)